The Traverse Creator Awards (TCAs) submissions are officially open from 10am on the 1st April 2021 until the 14th July 2021.

The awards are open to all digital content creators who have produced exceptional work from 1 April 2020 to 30 June 2021.

The Traverse Creator Awards will be held on 25th September in London.

Submissions: 1st April 2021 till the 30th June 2021
Shortlist Announced: 2nd August 2021
Winners & Awards Ceremony: 25th September 2021

You may enter more than one award.
Content must have been produced between 1st April 2020 and 30 June 2021.
We do not accept email submissions.
Most large submission fields are restricted to a maximum of 1200 characters.

Best Blog Design / User Experience This category is open to bloggers only and will be awarded to the blog that has the best all round user experience and design. Judges will be looking at such features as the ease of navigation, site structure, innovative elements, branding, readability and the overall look of the site. There is no limit on how long your blog has to have been live for. Submissions Closed
Best Collaboration The category of Best Collaboration will be focussed on campaigns or features between two or more content creators. For campaigns, the effectiveness of the collaboration will be important when it comes to achieving marketing targets and KPIs. For features (as well as campaigns), there will also be a focus on how well the content creators have worked together, with various pieces of content woven together for the overall feature. Submissions Closed
Best Photography Piece This category has a focus on the use of photography in the wider scope of an article or feature. Rather than being an award for an individual photo, judges will be looking at campaigns and articles that have used photography to tell a story or strongly support an accompanying video or blog post, really adding depth to the article. Submissions Closed
Best Video - Cinematic Open to all platforms that host video, the cinematic video category winner will be awarded based on the individual video, shot in a cinematic style. There is no limit on video length or subject. The category is open to all content creators. Submissions Closed
Best Video - Vlog This award could be given to a video hosted on any relevant platform and will be chosen based on one individual video. This category winner will have produced the best video where they are likely in front of the camera, filming primarily in a vlogging or presenting style, interview videos are also being considered. Submissions Closed
Best Responsible Piece Responsible can mean many things, and this category will look to cover many of them. The award is open to people who create written content, video, audio or photographic content, with judges looking for the best piece that has a responsible focus. This could be sustainable travel, eco friendly lifestyle, ethical fashion and more. Submissions Closed
Best All Round Social Campaign This award will be focussed on the social media side of being a content creator. Judges will be looking at the best use of social media for a marketing campaign. Beyond this, there are few parameters, however use of multiple social channels, as well as innovative ways or sharing and creating content will be held in high regard. The entries can also be campaigns that are purely social or using social along side other content. Entries are open to individuals as well as collaborative campaigns. Submissions Closed
12 Month Achievement Judges will be looking at content creators that have had some incredible achievements in the past 12 months (from 1st April 2020 and 31 March 2021). This award is open to all content creators regardless of platform, experience level or industry. Achievements can also be on creators own platforms or other work that was made possible as a result of influencer activity. Submissions Closed
Innovation Award Here’s to people who do things differently. In content creation, it’s essential to have people who push the boundaries of their industries and break the mould on a regular basis. This award will be give to the person (or people) who have been the most innovative when it comes to their platform and content creation work. This category is open to influencers across all channels and industries. Submissions Closed
Best Original Instagram Channel Instagram has a huge part to play in the world of online influencers and content creators. This award will be given to the channel that has the best original content. The judges will be looking for images and stories that are somewhat different to much of what is posted on the platform. This could include animation, interesting photography techniques, artistic shots etc. There is no minimum size of channel for this award, although the judges will be looking to make sure the followers and engagement is authentic. Submissions Closed
Best Imagery - Epic Who doesn’t love an epic photo? This category will be looking at channels that feature the very best when it comes to mind blowing photography. It’s open to all platforms that can host photos and once again there will be no minimum on the size of following or age of the account. Photos also don’t have to be travel based, anything that looks epic, we want to see. Submissions Closed
Dedication To The Industry Award We can’t call something a lifetime achievement award when the industry is under two decades old, but that’s essentially what this is. There won’t be any entry process for this award or shortlists, with the recipient being announced at the awards in June.
Best Storytelling Storytelling is crucial to any piece of quality content and we are looking to highlight the very best talent in this category. The award is open to people who create written content, video, audio or photographic content, with judges looking for the best piece of storytelling that really makes an impact. Submissions Closed
Best Opinion Piece Opinion pieces have the power to create discussion, make people stop and think, change their own opinions or even just debate a topic. It's the bravery of bringing these topics to the forefront of people's attention that we are looking to recognise and celebrate. Submissions can be in the form of video, audio (podcasts) or written. Submissions Closed
Best Short Video More and more content creators are producing engaging short form video content across digital platforms. We're looking for the very best creative and engaging short videos that have found popularity on platforms such as Instagram Reels, TikTok and others. Submissions Closed