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The Traverse Creator Awards (TCAs) submissions are officially open from 12pm on the 19th July 2023 until the 1st September 2023.

The awards are open to all digital content creators who have produced exceptional work from 31st August 2022 - 31st August 2023.

The Traverse Creator Awards will be held on 3rd of November in London.

Submissions Open: 19th July 2023
Submission Closed: 1st September 2023
Shortlist Announced: 18th September 2023
Winners & Awards Ceremony: 3rd November 2023

You may enter more than one award.
Content must have been produced between 1 September 2022 - 31 August 2023
We do not accept email submissions.
Most large submission fields are restricted to a maximum of 1200 characters.

Photo of the Year
A single photo can convey a powerful story. In this category, the award will go to the best individual photo published online by a content creator within the past 12 months. Submissions can include any type of photography, such as landscape, urban, portrait, and more. Photos can be published on blogs, Instagram or other platforms for static photography.
Best Video - Cinematic
Open to all platforms hosting video content, the winner of the Cinematic Video Category will be determined based on individual videos shot in a cinematic style. There are no limits on video length or subject matter. This category is open to all content creators. Open to video hosted on any online platform.
Best Video - Vlog he award will be given to a video hosted on any relevant platform, chosen based on a single individual video. The winner of this category will have produced an outstanding video in which they are likely in front of the camera, primarily employing a vlogging or presenting style. Videos that feature interviews are also eligible for consideration. Open to video hosted on any online platform.
Best Responsible Piece The term 'responsible' carries many meanings, and this category aims to encompass them all. This award is open to creators of written content, video, audio, or photographic content. The judges will be searching for the best piece that embodies a responsible focus. This may include but is not limited to areas such as sustainable travel, eco-friendly lifestyle, ethical fashion, inclusive content, and more. Content on any platform.
12 Month Achievement Judges will be looking at content creators that have had some incredible achievements in the past 12 months (Between 1 September 2021 and 31 August 2023). This award is open to all content creators regardless of platform, experience level or industry. Achievements can also be on creators own platforms or other work that was made possible as a result of influencer activity. Open to all content creators.
Best Newcomer Judges will be looking for creators who have started their journey in the last 24 months, meaning those that apply must have started their main channel(s) since 1 September 2021. The award could be for a fast growing channel, those that have created incredible content, people who have become deeply involved in the industry or other achievements for someone new to content creation. Open to all any content creators who started their main channel(s) after 1 September 2021.
Dedication To The Industry Award We can’t call something a lifetime achievement award when the industry is under two decades old, but that’s essentially what this is. There won’t be any entry process for this award or shortlists, with the recipient being announced at the awards in June.
Best Storytelling Piece Storytelling is crucial to any piece of quality content and we're are looking to highlight the very best talent in this category. The award is open to people who create written content, video, audio or photographic content, with judges looking for the best piece of storytelling that really makes an impact. Content on any platform.
Business Creator of the Year Introduced for the first time in 2023, this award is designed to recognise the content creator who has most effectively used their platform for business purposes in the past 12 months. Such business ventures could involve launching a new product, introducing a newly monetised platform, changing the direction of an existing channel, or any other activity that could be classified under the broad umbrella of 'business'. Open to all content creators as long as business is related to the audience or platform(s).
Best Short Video More and more content creators are producing engaging short form video content across digital platforms. We're looking for the very best creative and engaging short videos that have found popularity on platforms such as Instagram Reels, TikTok and YouTube Shorts. Any creator with videos on YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels or TikTok.
Best Written Piece
This award is purely focussed on the written word and is open to content created on blogs or for other online publications (as long as it's written by a content creator). Submissions can be for any kind of written post; personal stories, guides, reviews, opinion pieces or anything else. Please do note, we will only be able to judge articles written in english for this award. Open to any written content produced by a content creator.
Creators Brand of the Year The creators opportunity to recognise the best, most innovative and supportive brand of the year when it comes to working with creators (excluding Traverse of course!).
Ethical & Responsible Brand of the Year Another new industry award for 2023. Judges for the Ethical and Responsible Brand of the Year will be looking for any company, destination, charity or agency who has worked on responsible campaigns, held diverse events and trips, focussed on green travel and much more. Brands can enter this award directly or submissions can be done by an individual within the company or a creator who has worked with them. Open to brands, destinations, agencies, charities, events or venues.
Industry Person of the Year One of the new awards for 2023. The Industry Person of the year is open to anyone who is working with content creators, but is not specifically one themselves. This could be a person at a PR agency, doing outreach at a brand or working for a destinations. Judges will be looking for those that have made a positive contribution to the creator industry. This award can be self nominated or nominations can be made on behalf of an individual. Open to anyone working with a brand, agency, destination, venue or charity who has connected with creators or been part of campaigns.