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The third edition of the Traverse Creator Awards took place in London.

Huge congratulations to all the winners and those shortlisted. With way over 600 submissions for the awards, the competition was extremely fierce.
Best Photography Piece

David McClane - Man vs Globe (Submission 1, Submission 2, Submission 3)

Best Written Piece
Erin Hynes - Pina Travels (Submission)

Best Opinion Piece
Constanza Fernandez - Experiencing the Globe (Submission)

Best Storytelling

Laura Edwards - Laura Bubble (Submission)

Best Imagery - Epic
Michael Tomas - London Viewpoints (Submisson)

Best Video - Cinematic
Ana Hernandez Manrique - Azul Místico (Submission)

Best Short Video

Joshua Nueva - @joshuanueva (Submission)

Best Responsible Piece

Richard Collett - Travel Tramp/BBC Travel (Submission)

Best Video - Vlog
Craig & Kirsty Stenzel - Tide Knot Travellers (Submission)

12 Month Achievement
Calum McSwiggan 

Creators' Brand of the Year

Dedication to the Industry 

Michael Tomas